The astonishing power-and wisdom-that comes from self-sabotage.

Sometimes we go through life, sabotaging ourselves, and don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Think about it, we “go out on a limb” to try something new, only to make a few fast decisions that are the equivalent of cutting off the very branch that we’re sitting on. (and down we fall!)

If we are fully committed to self-growth, there is a lot we can learn from our patterns of self-sabotage.

In fact, understanding how, and why, we sabotage ourselves can be life-changing.


What is self-sabotage?

It’s what we do to protect ourselves. When we are afraid of failing, or even afraid of succeeding, sometimes we put “road blocks” in our way. These “road blocks” are an easy target for blame when things don’t work.

“I couldn’t finish it because I ran out of time” – Time is to blame here…

“I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have the tools.” – Tools are the bully here, not the fact that you did not get the tools you needed when you needed them.


How you can benefit from those acts of sabotage…

When you find you are “sabotaging” yourself, or your business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does this action/inaction protect me from?
  • What am I truly afraid of?
  • In what way does this sabotage “help” me?
  • If I were to actually face this, what is the worst that would happen?
  • How would that benefit you?
  • If I were to overcome this? what is the best that would happen?

Make sabotage your friend

The next time you start (or do) an act of self-sabotage, take a deep breath and relax. Don’t beat yourself up. Know that you’re just, on a very deep level, trying to protect yourself from something.

Once you realize what that “something” is, ask what lesson it holds. Learn from it. You will find that self-sabotage is NOT the enemy, it’s actually a dear friend, helping you in ways you had never before imagined.


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