The work mindset – doesn’t work for solopreneurs!

When you think about your business, are you thinking, I’m going to push up my sleeves and work and the money will come?

If that’s your mindset-then chances are your business won’t succeed.

Yes, you heard me right. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

“I’m here to work” is one of the most limiting attitudes that a solopreneur can have.


A tale of what works…

Let me share a short story, close to home, that will help you understand….

My son has just been offered an incredible opportunity – one that his former professors and many of the people he works with (most with post graduate degrees) all agree is simply, well, unheard of! With the circles he travels in, that’s quite a feat.

Yet, they all say they are not surprised that something like this has happened to him.

It was his boss who explained why.

She said that his motivation, his passion and his drive were obvious to anyone who met him.

She said…”most people just show up ‘to work’ – you showed up ‘to get the job done’ and that made all the difference.” It was his focus on doing the task at hand, doing it well, and doing it right (vs putting in a few hours for a paycheck) that everyone who worked with him, even casually, recognized. It is THIS quality that created this opportunity for him, and the door that has opened is, well, everything he had been hoping for!  It’s like his wildest dreams are coming true.

As a mother, it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world to watch…


Are you ready to make the shift?

So I ask you to take a moment, look at your business, ask yourself, “Am I here to put in a day’s work and make some money? or Am I here to get the job done?” Drop the dollars for hours mentality. Focus simply on providing service.

Solopreneurship is about doing what you love-for the sake of doing it. When you do – your passion, enthusiasm and joy becomes charismatic. People will seek you out. Just ask my son.


(Note: this post is a follow up to my post Persistence on another site, you can see the article here: Persistence – A Very Powerful Story)

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