Are you optimistic enough to be a solopreneur?

“If you’re going to have an attitude,

you might as well make it a good one”

Monica Wofford

If you study the most successful people in the world, you’ll discover that they all have one trait in common – a great attitude.

In fact, many list this as the most important trait of all.

Do you pride yourself in being a realist?

Many of us, myself included, have found great pride in being a “realist”.  For many though, realism is just pessimism with the wrong label!

And, yes, sometimes being a “Pollyanna” (seeing even the worst things as good) can be annoying.

We must face reality.


So what is reality?

Reality is a lens – we choose to look through.

Five people witness a crime, an accident, or an event. You ask them what happened, and you get five different stories. Why? Because each person viewed the event through their own perspective – and that determines what they see, what they remember, and how they feel about it.

In fact we judge everything in our world. It’s these judgements that cloud our perceptions.


You get to choose!

You determine the lens you view the world through. Do you choose to see the glass as half empty? half full? or do you simply take a moment and thoroughly enjoy whatever is in the glass?

Choose wisely. Your success is at stake.


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