Music has a way of magically transforming time and space, especially when it’s a song from a special time in your past.  For example, take a song you recall from a time in your life when you had hope, and joy, and felt unstoppable… and you’ll notice that, when you hear it now, you begin feel those emotions again.

Movies can inspire, uplift and even motivate you!

For example, “The Pursuit of Happyness”, shares the true story of a man who, despite all the obstacles and negativity around him, created an incredibly successful life.  Even the simple comedies we watch can have a great message. (i.e.  Bill Murray’s character kept repeating the same mistakes again and again, until he learned from them in “Groundhog Day”)

Next time you are seeking inspiration, or to reduce stress and overwhelm, put an uplifting playlist on, or watch a transformational movie and enjoy the “shift”.



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